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Question Do any of the Three USA-PRC Joint Communiqués recognize that Taiwan belongs to China?
Answer Many people are unaccustomed to reading the type of diplomatic double-talk contained in these Communiques. Hence, they are unable to fully understand the meaning of the content contained therein. In fact, since the early years of the 20th century, the United States government has never recognized that Taiwan belongs to China.


Reference is made to the report of the Congressional Research Service, titled China/Taiwan: Evolution of the "One China" Policy, dated July 9, 2007.

In the Summary at the beginning of that report the following points were made --

(1) The United States did not explicitly state the sovereign status of Taiwan in the three US-PRC Joint Communiques of 1972, 1979, and 1982.
(2) The United States "acknowledged" the "One China" position of both sides of the Taiwan Strait.
(3) US policy has not recognized the PRC's sovereignty over Taiwan;
(4) US policy has not recognized Taiwan as a sovereign country; and
(5) US policy has considered Taiwan's status as undetermined.

(source: CRS Report for Congress, July 9, 2007 -- China/Taiwan: Evolution of the "One China" Policy)

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